Sunday, October 27, 2013

"teddy boys? in the states we called them greasers"

Bikes Stolen in Oakland- Bay Area Friends Keep your Eyes Open

Our dear friends in Oakland had their garage broken into and had their beloved handbuilt bikes stolen. Please keep your eyes open and if you see one of these grab 'em! Call Oakland PD. Email me.
Pan-fried touring bike:  All Campy, pearlized light blue, Feeney made touring bike about a 53cm.  Had Time pedals.  Had rear rack on it.
Gazelle 80's race bike:  All Campy, White, Seat tube cut away to fit rear wheel.  Black/ red and yellow accents. 
Hunter mt. bike:  Hard tail, Fox front suspension.  Don't know the details really.
Bianchi city bike.  An 80's racer, made city style.  A feeney rack on the front.  Mt. Bike Bars
Hand Built Cross bike: Maple Leaf logo on headtube  It is white.Pretty Stiff geometry.  Campy cross group.