Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"I was thinking of a more cat-in-the-hat/Steel Pulse sorta thing"

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  1. Steiny, you sure ARE excentric.
    Kimchee and Hawaii - seems rather a strange combo, but what do I know.
    Makes me think of the place under the highway in Seoul where you cook cured duck breasts over the open gas fire - seated at a table, whereas the locals do it on the floor - and the owner smiles when you order more of his kimchee.
    Won't be around in a while as Brazil beckons this time of year.
    Drove by Zihuatanejo again in March - didn't see my fins;-)
    Went supping on the river yesterday, to at least stay in somesortashape. The water was high, the current was awful, no eddies to help upstream - had to carry the board for a bit.

    Take care