Friday, October 23, 2015

"Maybe I should get it over with and become an Instagram booty model"


  1. I was born in Glen Cove Hospital in August 1960....
    And, I REALLY want a pair of Churchill original greenies size medium - mine rotted out.
    Loved your show with Mark C. - though only seen online...

  2. Typo - born in Glen Cove 1950 - not '60

  3. Who and where are you? I was born in Glen Cove 1959

    1. Saw your bio in the build-up to your show with Mark Cunningham... Been following your blog for a few years and found the Glen Cove connection - besides me in '50, my mother was born there in 1920!. Haven't been in Santa Cruz since the mid 70's but remember it well... Grew up surfing on Fire Island in the 60's (4th generation in the same beachfront house) - lived in Locust Valley for school - moved to Santa Barbara after avoiding the draft - bought an original Morey kit/glue it yourself and my original green Churchills to ride Rincon mush..You post so many snaps of the original greenies it makes me shake...they had a flex that I loved - less crampy than the newer versions. Now I'm 65 and living in Indialantic Florida with pretty lousy knees and can't board surf as I'd like. Boogie or mat is easier...... That's enough blathering... Pete Harwood - that will show you enough
      I enjoy your posts - Be Well - Pete