Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Now we see the violence inherent in the system!"


  1. Love the capitalism flyer.

    And Jesus Has My Hose is pretty choice too.

  2. ain't it fun to be a victim?!

    gimme gimme gimme, i need some more. gimme gimme gimme don't ask what for.

    50 years the big cities have been run by marxists and whats been the outcome? More poverty and more entitlement. Yet, there are millions who are able to pull themselves out of horrible situations created by these policies and in spite of leftism because of capitalism. and like ALL ism's there are those that will exploit the system and those of lesser ability but, that doesn't make the system bad. People are bad, that's the answer. So, stop being bad and things WILL get better.

  3. Ha ha ha- Yeah, Corporate Capitalism has done a wonderful job with our healthcare, water, food, transport, national defense, environment. Marxists running our cities? Really? Do tell

  4. healthcare; i now pay 3 times as much with about 75% of the care. the largest supporters for our current healthcare system is insurance companies. i believed that insurance companies were the problem with health care. i was in the hospital for 3 days over christmas. $66000. i didnt go through my insurance company and only paid $15000.

    water? what do you mean? food? we have a ton of food. are you hungry? free food everywhere. transport? a train that we cost more to ride than to fly? national defense? its getting worse, i know, under a leftist regime. democrats, leftists, marxists (i hate to call them dems, modern dems dont deserve the moniquer just as republicans dont deserve theirs) have been running the inner cites for at least that long and things are worse. we can do better. but as long as people are bad its harder. corporate capitalism gave you the money for your computer, cell phone, car, furniture, etc. hypocritical? what system is better? if theres one, lets do it!

    1. yes, the problem isn't the doctors. insurance companies, hospital owners, drug companies. They all suck. Plenty of food but not healthy food and not produced under humane conditions. look at all the obese people. it's no accident. a coke costs less than drinking water.
      My money came from my sweat- self employed most of my life- mostly in produce business. Decentralized small business would be better but like my dad pointed out over and over the problem is human nature rather the system.
      When you coming up and going surfing with us? Having a beer?

  5. totally agree! i'll come up as soon as i can muster the courage to sit through L.A. traffic for 3 hours, ha!