Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I don't see you skanking over there


  1. Great record. I saw them at The Civic in the 80s, did you go to that?

    1. I wasn't at that Civic show but saw them in a weird old club/roller rink in LA around 1979 or 80. Hope all is well, now that the wind has started again maybe we will see you down here soon

    2. or was it the Earl Warren Fairgrounds? It all melts together

    3. Great singers live, in their leg braces. SC was a great town for Reggae shows (still is I'm sure). My first ever was Burning Spear at the Coconut Grove- talk about melting....

      I'm getting some medical stuff done and will be out of the water till June. Surfing my brains out right now! Should be down soon, I'll contact you.