Monday, June 30, 2014

They must have run out of people who can actually surf to interview.....

Harmless Neighborhood Eccentric Industries spreading our corporate tentacles across the Atlantic, check it out:


  1. There may be better surfers, but no one Steinys as well.

  2. Ey Steiny, chill - and admit it, it did make you feel good, or you wouldn´t have answered those questions!

    It´s a Mostly British surfMATTERS site.
    All of those readers have transcended hardboard standup "surfing".
    Or they really can´t "surf" (whatever that is, anyway).

    AND your blog shows you´re not over-inflated.
    You´re cool.
    Not in a marketable kind of way.

    Next winter I´ll have to pick up my UDeeTs - one of my other ones is breaking...


  3. Great interview my friend. I know ya kinda like being under the radar and having fun in the surf which equates to a great waterman.

    One of these days I'll come down from the "great white north", we'll grab some logs and visit the scene of the crime on a low tide with a winter swell.


  4. Good work Steiny, although I've always viewed you as more of an enhancer and abettor of chaos than anything else! And I mean that as the highest sort of compliment....