Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today's Rant: Buy Handmade Surfgear from Good People!

Hey Friends- I want to call your attention to some good people making fine surfgear.
First: Paul Gross makes 4th Gear Flyer Surfmats. Mats of the highest quality made in California. Plus Paul is a funny and smart guy. Also, I need to tell you Paul Gross is the man! (I mean that in a good way). We stand on the shoulders of giants! Highly highly suggested.

Next: Brian Himlan makes Paipos and Hand Planes under the Longship Design label. Brian is a craftsman and a gentleman. His surfcraft are works of art. You can hang them in the house when you are between surfs and wow your friends with you fine taste. Brian is a friend you haven't met yet plus he is a prone surf Jedi! I learn something every time we shred together. Check it out:

Lastly: You need some good to carry your paipo, mat and fins to the beach. I suggest buying a handmade bag from Strawfoot Handmade. Strawfoot is made by Garrett Kautz in his tidy workshop. Garrett is a good surfer, a strong cyclist and a stand-up gent. His site: http://www.strawfoothandmade.com/

Support your local craftsperson. Heck, support my local craftsperson!
Oh yeah, have fun! The stuff is just tools to have more fun so have more fun.
Your pal,
PS- I borrowed most of these photos from the interweb. If you see one of yours and want it removed do let me know

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