Thursday, December 8, 2011

"i've been a giant since i was small"

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  1. Hey Steiny,
    I really like your beautiful super-personal-abstract-and/or-political stuff that exites neurons in my head.
    Within the last 30 minutes this has involved a handwritten poem about a nasty divorce pasted to the wet window of Lorne fisheries in Lorne/Aus leading to the picture of a huge dead octopus on their floor, a totally random chat with a local Buddhist priest about real estate prices... The showing of "MonTaj" and live music at the local surfing museum in Torquay with a very mellow turnout of surfers and their families... leading to memories of flyfishing the Rhine and talking a life-weathered guy on a moped collecting willow branches on the rockpiles.

    (paste those stickers!!)