Monday, August 8, 2011

what are you reading?

i usually have a couple going at once. here is what i am reading now. what are you reading?


  1. I write so much now that I don't read that much. However, I'm still working my way through Jose Saramago's Seeing. I will finish it . . . some day!

  2. infinite jest, david foster wallace

    swann's way (in search of lost time), marcel proust

    another smashed pinecone, bernadette mayer

    and national geographic january 2011

  3. Naguib Mafouz, Palace Walk Trilogy
    Chekov, Journey To The End Of The Russian Empire (I bet Sakhalin gets some epic if very cold swell)
    Orhan Pamuk, Snow
    Just read the Keef autobio too- genius. Sent me on a kick of listening to all the Stones LPs with new ears.

  4. Steiny,

    I'm re-reading a couple of favorites from my library:

    'The Good Rain' by Tim Egan and "east of the Mountains by David Guterson.

    Dp....aka Tom