Friday, June 10, 2011

Who are you people?

I love that you are interested in my photos and my funny little corner of California. Sorry i haven't posted in a few days. My camera died but a friend just dropped off a replacement (thanks Patty!). Please feel free to email me and tell me about your life or send me photos. I am interested in you. Me? I am a middle aged man, married nice and a proud father. I surf, putter with old bikes, garden, read books, listen to music, go out with friends for music and beverages, and really care that things go better in the world. For work I am an administrator at a growing non-profit that works on conservation biology on islands. I spent most of my working years in agriculture on the California coast.
Send me an email:
All my best to all of you- I truly wish you well.
Your friend,


  1. Hi, Steiny, thanks for your nice note today. We were blessed with some fun surf this week in between work and are grateful for the ocean time together. We hope that you've been enjoying some beautiful water time too. Steve and I send you warm Aloha from San Diego. We enjoy your photos, too!
    Take care.
    Aloha, Cher and Steve