Saturday, November 20, 2010

ah, the classics


  1. YES! Brings back memories. Saw Del open for Black Sheep ("who's the black sheep, what's the black sheep") and Ice Cube, First Avenue club, Minneapolis, 1991. Sarah and I were the only white people I can recall seeing that night...

  2. what was del then, 17? i remember black sheep too.we kick old school here at harmless neighborhood eccentric. or maybe we are just old. susan and i saw queen latifah, digital underground, and big daddy kane open for public enemy in 1990. big daddy kane was the highlight,
    another good show was poor righteous teachers opening for boogie down productions at the sc civic. splendid.

  3. Did not know we shared a love for the old-school hip hop! PE... my favorite! Never got to see them live. Poor Righteous Teachers...forgot about them. So good. And Sarah and I saw BDP too! First time was probably '90 also, in MPLS, in a wierd low-ceilinged basement space at the Hyatt. The highlight was 'South Bronx'. The place went nuts. Did you see KRS-one at the catalyst a couple of years ago (maybe 4 now)?